February 23, 2024: Last Week for VARULV Limited Edition #1 Pre-Orders!

Get them while you can!

Hey all!

Just a note to let you know that I will be closing the VARULV Pre-Orders on Thursday, February 29th! This is your best chance to secure one of these limited run, signed and individually numbered editions of VARULV Issue #1. And the keychains are also going fast, so if you want one of those along with your pre-order, get them ASAP! I can’t say when they’ll be in stock again!

That said, I wanted to thank you for the support for this pre-order! It’s definitely been wonderful seeing the popularity of the series hitting an all-time high again! I want to thank you for your readership, getting your friends to check out the series, and just being as excited for VARULV’s return as I am.

Next week, we’ll have our last update for this book, and after that, onto issue #2! See you in a week!

February 16, 2024: VARULV Book 1, Chapter 3

Pages 13-18 Updated

Hey gang, and happy weekend to you all! Today’s VARULV update means we only have one more before Book 1 is finished. It’s wild to think how far we have come in just a few weeks, but I hope you’re enjoying the new series as much I have enjoyed bringing it to you guys!

Six new pages are up tonight, and we’ve reached a very important milestone in any series’ initial run — the entire main cast has now been introduced and assmbled! Kit joins the team this week, and there are further revelations about Ulven physiology and what it means to join a pack of werewolves in the Northlands.

In other news, merchandise is also on the horizon, and I should have some updates on that in the coming days! Enjoy the update in the meantime, and see you with more comics in two weeks!

February 9, 2024: VARULV Classic Updates

The Final Classic Issues (2013): 7, 8 and 9 Are Now Available in the VARULV Classic Archives

Hey guys! Uploading the new VARULV Classic stuff today marks the end of VARULV Classic content. I hate leaving things on cliffhangers, but I’m afraid that’s how it went down, back in 2013 when these stories were first published.

So what happened?

Back when I was first doing the VARULV series, I was living with my husband in Ohio, preparing to take on more comic book work when I got a call from my parents. It was then I found out that my mother had cancer, and I made the decision to pack up everything and move back home to Pennsylvania. I became quite busy that year, and 2014 was full of highs and lows. Sadly, my mom eventually passed away, but my husband and I were fortunate to have a ray of sunshine come from behind that cloud in the form of our daughter, who was born right before mom’s passing.

When they say there are times in your life where you can cut the whole thing in half from what is and what was, I truly understand what that means, now. The year 2014 was like that for me. I came in as one person and left as a wholly different one. Unfortunately, most of my comic work didn’t come with me. But things are different now, and I am glad that I am able to reboot VARULV with the same amount of excitement it enjoyed in years past. To that end, I hope you all have enjoyed looking back on what was, and are looking forward to what will be.

And I understand that some of you will definitely feel cheated, not knowing what happens on several fronts at Issue #9’s abrupt conclusion. So with that in mind, read on only if you want to hear about what might have been, if the series had been able to continue a decade ago…

The following is not canon to the new storyline, but has the potential to be spoilery as it remains a source of inspiration to the overarching VARULV plotline. Read with caution!

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February 1, 2024: VARULV Book 1, Chapter 2

Pages 7-12 Updated

Well met, friendos. It’s time once again for another VARULV update!

I’ve got six new pages for you guys, today, introducing some new characters and just moving the story along into the heart of the plot. Expect at least one more multi-page update to come in the month of February (and with any luck, expect two more).

There’s more rad stuff on the horizon, as well. I’ll be doing a few conventions this summer, and I’ve already started to look at merch and prints. More on that groovy stuff, soon.

Next week, look forward to the final installment of VARULV Classic!

January 26, 2024: VARULV Classic Updates

Issues 5 & 6 (2012) Are Now Available in the VARULV Classic Archives

Welcome again, gentle reader, to an update centered around another addition to the VARULV history books. Today, I have collected back-issues #5 & #6 of the original VARULV series for your reading enjoyment.

This story arc is an interesting one for several reasons. Introducing new characters is always fun, and in these old books, readers got introduced to four major players in the VARULV canon: Keni Nefertari, Alo Koruh, Tau Feng, and Wyn. This is also the first time VARULV was produced in color, and became serialized weekly, online. Needless to say, the art style is quite different from what came before (and what was to come, after), as the author was still trying to work out a look that was feasible for her to cram into an already crowded schedule, as a weekly webcomic.

As with most things in these archival pieces, the current canon is going to differ significantly from what can be gleaned from this story. That said, please enjoy this walk down memory lane:

January 20, 2024: VARULV Book 1, Chapter 1

Pages 1-6 Updated

Well what do you know — it’s my pleasure to welcome you to the first update to VARULV’s relaunch, here on varulvcomic.com!

I’d say it’s been a long time coming, but you already knew all that, so I’ll start by apologizing for the randomness in updates to follow. I’m taking 2024 as an opportunity to get less systematic with the things I do for fun and get back to… you know… doing them for fun. And that includes my comic books and not strapping them to a rock-solid schedule. With all that said, I want to get several pages out to you guys, at least once a month, and hope to have a print edition of the first book in the works before spring time. I’m also going to be doing some comic shows this summer, so you might even expect to see things like merchandise, hi-res PDF editions, and original art for sale.

So here it is, what some of you have been waiting for, for a very long time, begins now. I hope you enjoy the new stuff. I hope the old stuff makes you nostalgic. And I guess as always — just happy to have you guys along for the ride!

January 13, 2024: VARULV Classic Issues

Hey guys,

Just spent the morning porting the first four issues of VARULV from a hundred years ago (okay, more like 13 years ago…) over here. So, those of you who have been asking to see those – rejoice! They’re here:

If there’s interest, I’ll upload the remaining issues, too. And fear not — if you don’t feel like taking a trip down memory lane, there’s no need. The new VARULV updates are going to be a complete rehashing of the old stories, and different in a lot of significant ways. Therefore, these are presented here as a preservation of the series’ history, and are in no way going to affect the current canon. Enjoy!


Hey there and welcome to my little information repository where I’m regrouping my ideas for the Varulv reboot. Here are some Wiki pages I’ve created to collect my thoughts on world and character development. All of this stuff is one big WIP, but I hope you enjoy the peek into my brain as the story of Varulv unfolds!

Character Sketches


Bestiary: Ulven | Trolls | Half-Trolls | Fae

World Map: Old World | New World