June 1, 2024: Onto 3 Rivers Comicon

Heading to Pittsburgh for the Weekend

Hey all!

Sorry for the lack of updates, yesterday – things were a little nuts. I wanted you all to know that I’m currently heading out the door to go to Pittsburgh for the weekend. I’ll be at 3 Rivers Comicon today, June 1st, and tomorrow, June 2nd! If you’re around, come out and say hello! I’ll have a few copies of Varulv #1, as well as prints, keychains, stickers and more!

And — I wanted to thank all of you who bought Art Books this month! I sold a bunch of them and will be getting the final files around for the printer (and digital editions) this coming week! I’m excited to get these into your hands as usual. Thanks for making the printing of another limited run of books such a success!

Next week, I should have a preliminary look at some pages in the works for Varulv issue 3, as well as the finished rendition of the cover! Also, look forward to another Werewolf Wednesday on a Tuesday, June 4th!

Until next time!


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