July 5, 2024: Gearing up for Issue 3!

Updates begin next Friday!

Hey gang!

Some exciting things on the horizon as we look ahead to issue #3’s premiere next week! First off, I wanted to say that a most excellent time was had by all at Hershey Comicon, and I adored meeting everyone who came out to say hello! My next convention will be a small, mini-comicon, here in Williamsport, Pennsylvania at the James V. Brown Library. Check out the details, here.

Second, I’m planning a second run of sketch covers for those of you who missed out on getting the Varulv #1 Art Book. These will be reprints of Varulv issue 1, available for puchase as blanks, perpetually, as well as from me (including a sketch or signature). More on that, soon!

Finally, Issues #2 and The Varulv Art Book are ready for printing, and I’m just waiting on an ETA on their shipment to me at this point! Issue #2 will be available for purchase through our online store at IndyPlanet, in the coming weeks!

And that’s about it for now, everyone! Really looking forward to next week and the beginning of our third issue! Take care until then!



June 28, 2024: Heading to Hershey Comicon!

See you there!

Hey guys!

If you’re on the East Coast, USA and looking for something to do this weekend – why not come visit the Sweetest Place on Earth for their annual comicon? I’ll be there, doing sketches, selling books, selling merch, and just plain hanging out. Should be a great time, and if you’re going, I very much look forward to seeing you!

The Artbooks are again getting a pre-production pass before going to print, so any formatting issues I’ve had are hopefully fixed. Too, Varulv #2 is heading to print as well! Awesome!

That’s all I have for you guys this week! Next week, I hope to bring together a few sneak-peeks of things to come as we near the premiere of Book #3! See you then!


June 21, 2024: Issue #3 Update Schedule

And so much more!

Hey gang!

Exciting times — I’ve finished the cover art for issue #3! Check it out to your right, here. Too, I wanted to officially announce that Varulv will commence with the third issue in our series, “Alliances”, on July 12, 2024!

Next, I’ve uploaded Issue #2 to Amazon, so expect it to be available for Kindle as soon as it clears the review process! The book is also ready to go to print and should be available in physical media in the coming month or so.

Now, onto some bad news — I didn’t quite hit the mark when formatting the Varulv artbooks for the printer, and have to resubmit my files after I make a few formatting changes this weekend. No big deal, but it’s a bit of a setback, and you all can absoutely blame me for that one.

Regardless, things should still ship, as promised, before the end of the July, so if you pre-ordered one, we’re so far still on schedule to get them out to you!

That’s all for now, gang! One more reminder that I’ll be at Hershey Comicon next weekend, June 29th and 30th, 2024. Hope to see you there!

All my best,


June 1, 2024: Onto 3 Rivers Comicon

Heading to Pittsburgh for the Weekend

Hey all!

Sorry for the lack of updates, yesterday – things were a little nuts. I wanted you all to know that I’m currently heading out the door to go to Pittsburgh for the weekend. I’ll be at 3 Rivers Comicon today, June 1st, and tomorrow, June 2nd! If you’re around, come out and say hello! I’ll have a few copies of Varulv #1, as well as prints, keychains, stickers and more!

And — I wanted to thank all of you who bought Art Books this month! I sold a bunch of them and will be getting the final files around for the printer (and digital editions) this coming week! I’m excited to get these into your hands as usual. Thanks for making the printing of another limited run of books such a success!

Next week, I should have a preliminary look at some pages in the works for Varulv issue 3, as well as the finished rendition of the cover! Also, look forward to another Werewolf Wednesday on a Tuesday, June 4th!

Until next time!


May 17, 2024: Book 2, Chapter 7

Pages 19-21 Updated!

New pages today, guys! That little war that was alluded to last time has come to Blaidfästt’s collective front doors. And we’re not done with the drama, yet… There is one more update to go before this issue wraps up!

We’re now at the middle of the month, and as a reminder! Varulv #1 Artbooks with limited edition sketch covers are now available to pre-order! Varulv Artbooks with the sketch covers will be on sale through May 31st, so make sure you get yours as soon as you can! When they’re gone, they’re gone! Click here to get yours!

And lest I forget — I’m coming to you today from the edge of convention season, guys! If you’re on the East Coast of the USA, I invite you to join me at any one of my upcoming shows! Come hang out, grab a sketch, get a print copy of Varulv, or just chat!

That’s everything for this week, guys! Join me on Tuesday, May 21st for the always popular Werewolf Wednesday on a Tuesday sketch, and that’ll lead into our FINAL update of Issue #2 on Friday, May 24th. Don’t miss out!

All my love, pals!


May 10, 2024: Book 2, Chapter 6

Pages 16-18 Updated

Hey gang!

Another week, another three pages added to the big book of werewolf-people! Today’s update features some significant twists and turns as the stakes get significantly higher for Blaidfästt and its citizens. Come on in and check it out!

Next on the agenda, I’d just like to post a reminder that Varulv Artbooks are still available for preorder! As usual, I’ve been blown away by the popularity of these books, and can’t wait to get them in your hands! Thank you to everyone who’s already reserved a copy. If you want one too, there’s still plenty of time! Head on over to our Gumroad store and grab them before May 31st. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

Finally, comic season is on the horizon! In a little more than two weeks’ time, you guys can catch me at Pittsburgh’s premier comic event — 3 Rivers Comicon! I’ll have a table in Artists Alley and a few copies of Varulv issue #1 floppies to sell! Additionally, I’ll have stickers, keychains, and will be doing sketch commissions! Come on by and say hello, June 1-2 in Pittsburgh at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center!

That’s it for this update, gang! Expect new sketch artwork on Tuesday, May 14th and the next update on Friday, May 17th!

See you soon, pals! And all my best,


April 26, 2024: Book 2, Chapter 4

Pages 10-12 Updated and Artbook Pre-Orders Go Live!

Hey everyone!

Here we are at the halfway point of Issue 2! A couple of exciting announcements beyond the usual update today, too! First off, our story takes a turn in this chapter, as the foundations are laid for what will surely be a devastating conflict. Check out the latest three pages!

Next on the agenda — Varulv #1 Artbooks with limited edition sketch covers are now available to pre-order! This special edition book collects sketches, breakdowns, and more behind-the-scenes looks at the art and conceptualizing of Varulv and its world than I can list in one blog update! Plus, as promised, you can order them to include a special one-of-a-kind piece of artwork (of any character from any IP) to grace the cover — a rare chance to get physical artwork from yours truly. If that wasn’t groovy enough, the book features a special artwork-only edition of Varulv Issue #1, without the lettering, word balloons, or text of any kind.

Varulv Artbooks with the sketch covers will be on sale through May 31st, so make sure you get yours as soon as you can! When they’re gone, they’re gone! Click here to get yours!

Next up, I have an exciting addition to the regular update schedule for you guys. Starting Tuesday, and continuing weekly thereafter, I’ll be posting sketches, mini-comics and works-in-progress to this site, to show you some of the things I’m working on. These will be hosted on the Varulv Tumblr blog, so be sure to follow us if you have an account over there!

So! I believe that’s everything for now, gang! As always, thanks for the readership and your support! Until next week, gang!



April 12, 2024: Book 2, Chapter 2

Pages 4-6 are uploaded!

Hey everyone!

Three new pages have been added this morning. As most of you have guessed by now, hungry Trolls and closed-minded humans won’t be the only opposition faced by our valiant team of were-beasts throughout this story arc… read on to meet our big-bad villains!

Today, I’m doing some work on an exciting project I’ve hinted at in blog entries past: A Varulv Art Book! Before the end of the month, I’ll start taking pre-orders on a limited run of these books, which will not only feature a special collection of concept art and my thoughts on world-building, but also, the whole of Varulv #1 without lettering, word balloons, or sound effects — just the art! Plus, as promised, I’ll be doing sketch-covers for these… which means you not only get the chance to have a limited-edition collectible book, but a one-of-a-kind sketch drawn by yours truly, as well! I’m very excited to get these in your hands!

That’s all I have for now! Hope you’re having a great Friday and as always, we’ll catch you next week with three more pages as the story continues!

March 30, 2024: Issue #2 Begins Next Week!

Varulv is moving into a weekly update schedule!

Hey hey! A couple of announcements this week!

Next Friday, April 5th, I’ll be posting the first three pages of Varulv #2 and kicking off weekly updates for the series. Every week for the next 8 weeks, I’ll be bringing you guys three new pages every Friday as we make our way through our second story: “Deceptions.” Don’t miss an update! Unless… you know… you can’t make it for some reason. In that case, feel free to miss an update because it’ll still be waiting for you here when you can read it!

Of course, if you were one of our pre-order backers, by now you should have received your limited foil edition in the mail! I’m getting notices from people on the daily, letting me know they’ve arrived! If, however, you were one of our supporters and haven’t gotten yours yet, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to have my team look into what’s going on.

Finally, I’m in the process of working out logistics for an art book that also features sketch covers! I should have more information on that before the end of April. Too, I’ve begun compiling various texts for the Wiki. Failing to find a suitable replacement that I like which would also play nice with our current website layout, I’m just going to re-launch the Varulv Wiki over on Fandom. And of course, that means you guys can contribute as well, if you want to. Look for more info on that as I get it all done.

So that’s everything for now, guys! Remember – if you want to get notified of comic updates and more, the best way to do that is to join our pack! We have our weekly mailing list, and if you’ve got as little as a dollar to spare each month, then you can join my Patreon. Thanks, as always, for your support!

Seeya later, pals!