February 16, 2024: VARULV Book 1, Chapter 3

Pages 13-18 Updated

Hey gang, and happy weekend to you all! Today’s VARULV update means we only have one more before Book 1 is finished. It’s wild to think how far we have come in just a few weeks, but I hope you’re enjoying the new series as much I have enjoyed bringing it to you guys!

Six new pages are up tonight, and we’ve reached a very important milestone in any series’ initial run — the entire main cast has now been introduced and assmbled! Kit joins the team this week, and there are further revelations about Ulven physiology and what it means to join a pack of werewolves in the Northlands.

In other news, merchandise is also on the horizon, and I should have some updates on that in the coming days! Enjoy the update in the meantime, and see you with more comics in two weeks!

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