Half-Trolls are a minor sentient mortal race within the world of VARULV. They are the resulting offspring of a coupling between a Human and a Troll, and are therefore quite rare.


Half-Trolls vary greatly in appearance from one individual to the next. Some retain mostly Human features, while others appear more Troll-like. In general, they stand taller than a typical Human, but are substantially shorter than the average Troll. Five-toed feet, a tail-less spine, and Human dental structure are typical Human traits, while horns, pointed ears, and slit cat-like pupils are the most commonly inherited Troll features.


Half-Trolls do not bear a culture all their own. Typically, Half-Trolls are as unwelcome in Human society as Trolls are. Trolls are more accepting of Half-Trolls, though they are often treated as second-class citizens. Both races have been known to kill Half-Trolls at birth due to racial prejudices against them.

Notable Half-Trolls

  • Ragna Auvrea’ly