Fae refers to the four near-immortal races within the world of VARULV. The following species are considered Fae:

  • Iele: The Wind Spirits
  • Naiads: The Water Spirits
  • Salamanders and Golems: The Fire Spirits
  • Dryads: The Earth Spirits

Fae are considered near-immortal because they do not age past adulthood and have the potential to live for all eternity. They can, however, be killed and sustain injuries in much the same way as mortals.

In old times, Fae were sometimes mistaken to be Gods, and often were worshipped as such. Each Fae race practices magicks associated with their respective element. Their powers are said to be derived from the four Totems – talismans said to be bestowed upon them by the Old Gods. They are rare creatures who tend to keep to themselves and prefer to associate with members of their own kind.