January 20, 2024: VARULV Book 1, Chapter 1

Pages 1-6 Updated

Well what do you know — it’s my pleasure to welcome you to the first update to VARULV’s relaunch, here on varulvcomic.com!

I’d say it’s been a long time coming, but you already knew all that, so I’ll start by apologizing for the randomness in updates to follow. I’m taking 2024 as an opportunity to get less systematic with the things I do for fun and get back to… you know… doing them for fun. And that includes my comic books and not strapping them to a rock-solid schedule. With all that said, I want to get several pages out to you guys, at least once a month, and hope to have a print edition of the first book in the works before spring time. I’m also going to be doing some comic shows this summer, so you might even expect to see things like merchandise, hi-res PDF editions, and original art for sale.

So here it is, what some of you have been waiting for, for a very long time, begins now. I hope you enjoy the new stuff. I hope the old stuff makes you nostalgic. And I guess as always — just happy to have you guys along for the ride!

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