January 26, 2024: VARULV Classic Updates

Issues 5 & 6 (2012) Are Now Available in the VARULV Classic Archives

Welcome again, gentle reader, to an update centered around another addition to the VARULV history books. Today, I have collected back-issues #5 & #6 of the original VARULV series for your reading enjoyment.

This story arc is an interesting one for several reasons. Introducing new characters is always fun, and in these old books, readers got introduced to four major players in the VARULV canon: Keni Nefertari, Alo Koruh, Tau Feng, and Wyn. This is also the first time VARULV was produced in color, and became serialized weekly, online. Needless to say, the art style is quite different from what came before (and what was to come, after), as the author was still trying to work out a look that was feasible for her to cram into an already crowded schedule, as a weekly webcomic.

As with most things in these archival pieces, the current canon is going to differ significantly from what can be gleaned from this story. That said, please enjoy this walk down memory lane:

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