March 22, 2024: The Books Have Arrived!

Special Edition #1 comics will be going out to pre-orderers, next week!

Hey gang!

I was excited to find a big ol’ package of comics delivered to my door last night! Issue #1 is back from the printers and that means yours truly will be packing up pre-orders this weekend so they can be shipped to backers, this week! Thanks again for making our pre-order campaign such a success.

My only regret is not taking more time to get the word out. Folks have been asking me how they can get their hands on a special edition print of Varulv #1, and while I’d love to extend the deadline to get in on it, I cannot go back in time. That said, I am considering a special run of sketch cover editions of the book, complete with one-of-a-kind sketches gracing each one. For this, I’d definitely do an Indie-Go-Go campaign, as the excitement over the series has been way bigger than I expected — I’m sure I couldn’t handle a bigger campaign without the aid of a distribution service! So keep your eyes peeled! More on that to come…

Meanwhile, the best way to keep up with news about the comic is to join our pack! For those of you who just want to get stuff sent to your emails, we have our weekly mailing list. And if you’ve got as little as a dollar to spare each month, then you can join my Patreon. If you join either, I’ll not only ping you once a week with these updates on the site, but you’ll also be first in line to hear about special events I’ll be doing, see exclusive content, and of course, get access to our Discord where you can chat with me and other fans as well. In fact, I just posted the preview sketch of Varulv #2’s cover over on Patreon! So if that’s the kind of stuff you want to see, please consider supporting me over there. I thank you in advance!

So that’s what’s happening now, folks! Remember, Issue #2 starts in two weeks (Friday April 5th) and with spring on the horizon, it won’t be long before I hit the convention circuit, too! I’ll be talking more about my upcoming convention appearances and all the groovy stuff I’ll be bringing with me, in the coming updates.

Until next time, pals!