March 15, 2024: A Look Ahead

Issue #2 goes into production

Hi, everyone!

As they say — when you finish a book, you’ve got 10 percent of the work done. To that end, I’ve certainly kept busy since wrapping our premiere issue and this week, the first pages of issue #2 hit my art desk.

First thing’s first — updates will resume on Friday, April 5th! I’m also moving into a weekly comic update schedule, aiming to post three pages every Friday. I appreciate those of you who reached out to me and asked about daily updates, and while I can’t accommodate a timeframe that rigorous, I can easily go from updating six pages every other week, to this new schedule.

Next, to those of you who ordered Issue #1 — the books are being printed as we speak! Due to the massive success that was our pre-order promotion, I managed to score premium covers for these limited edition books. Not only are they being produced with sturdier 100lb stock covers, but they’ll be set against a super-rad silver foil background! Along with my signature, I’ll individually number each one, making them that much more collectible!

Digital editions of the book are also selling well! I’ll be using the proceeds of those and what’s left over from our pre-sale to print standard “floppy” editions of the book, so those of you who meet me at comic conventions this summer can get a physical edition if you want one! Can’t meet me at a convention? No problem! We’re partnering with our old friends, IndyPlanet, to have printed editions available for order, worldwide!

So that’s everything to report on, this week! Once again, thank you for your readership and support! As always, I’d love an honest review over on Amazon if you could spare a minute (you didn’t have to buy the book there to review), and if you want to connect with myself and other fans of the series, why not join our mailing list and get access to our Discord, as well? We’d love to have you!

Until next time, pals!

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