Trolls are one of the two major sentient mortal races within the world of VARULV.


Trolls are bipedal carnivorous animals similar in appearance to Humans, but with several notable differences. They stand one to two feet taller than Humans on average, and tend to have thicker, more muscular builds. All trolls have large, pointed ears, slit pupils akin to cat’s eyes, taloned, five-fingered hands, tails, and long legs that end in cloven hooves.

Trolls typically grow horns on their heads, but in fact all areas of their bodies can sprout such accents. Most commonly, spikes can be found on shoulders, backs, and on the chins of some males. Male Trolls typically have more spikes and horns than females. Most Trolls can grow hair on the top of their heads, but nowhere else on their bodies.


Since trolls are as widespread as but lesser in number than Humans, their cultures remain diverse but unified. Trolls prefer to build underground fortifications and will usually seek out the same type of shelter, no matter the conditions or climate they settle into. Caves are preferred shelter for all Trolls, and natural caverns are often expanded by means of building with available resources. Trolls often express a distaste for complex civilizations, and are more resourceful in wilderness settings than even their own home settlements.

The Troll language is complex and not easily understood by outside races. Most Trolls do not learn anything but this language for the entirety of their lives, which makes conversing with other races quite difficult. This is one reason Trolls do not get along well with Humans, and prefer to use their superior strength to bully Humans into conceding to their demands. This is one factor which has led to a Cold War between Humans and Trolls.

Notable Trolls