Stig Lazar

Stig in Human and Ulven form

Stig is a male Ulven of the chiropteran (bat) variety. He is a warrior of the Blaidfästt pack, and the group’s one-man aerial support unit. Stig is from Ardeel, a country to the east of the Northlands, and is of noble blood (though he’s renounced his Lordship).

Stig is cocky, carefree and a bit careless. He likes drinking, showing off, starting fights (usually while drinking and showing off) and sleeping with anyone who’ll have him. All that said, he is a capable warrior and his unique Ulven form and ability to fly makes him a huge asset to his packmates despite his penchant for debauchery.


  • Full name: Stig Lazar
  • Stats: Male, Ulven (Human/Bat)
  • Hails From: Ardeel
  • Rank: Beta/Captain

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