Greta Bruun

Greta in Human and Ulven form

Greta is a female Ulven of the canid (wolf) variety. She is second in command of the Blaidfästt pack, and right-hand-woman to Ragna. Greta was formerly a member of the Red Wraiths, a pack of Ulven comprised entirely of women.

Greta is no-nonsense, a bit cold, and rough around the edges. She is an excellent warrior and takes her duties as a commander within her pack, seriously. That said, she clearly desires companionship and has a deep appreciation for those she calls friends, even though she has trouble expressing such feelings.


  • Full name: Greta Bruun
  • Stats: Female, Ulven (Human/Wolf)
  • Hails From: The Northlands
  • Rank: Alpha/Second-in-Command

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