Kjell Björnstrand

Kjell in Human and Ulven form

Kjell is a male Ulven of the canid (wolf) variety. He is a warrior of the Blaidfästt pack, and aside from Kit, the most recent addition to the group. Kjell’s history is something of a mystery, but from the markings on his arms (two bands, signifying he once led his own pack as an alpha) one can assume he is an old soldier with plenty of stories to tell — if one could only get him to open up and tell them.

Though he appreciates the security a pack affords him, and is deeply loyal and protective of his clan, Kjell is a bit of a lone-wolf. He is often quiet and distant — a man who prefers to to let his actions do most of the talking. He is a skilled combatant, and one would think he is supernaturally gifted in the areas of strength and speed. All that said, he has trouble following orders, and will often disobey his commanders, Ragna and Greta. One of Kjell’s greatest strengths is also his biggest weakness — self-reliance.


  • Full name: Kjell Björnstrand
  • Stats: Male, Ulven (Human/Wolf)
  • Hails From: The Northlands
  • Rank: Beta/Captain, (Former Alpha/Commander)

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