Ragna Auvrea’ly

Ragna in Ulven and Half-Troll form

Ragna is a female Ulven of the vulpid (fennec) variety. She is a half-troll, the rare offspring of troll and human parents, and alpha of the Blaidfästt pack. At over one-hundred years of age, Ragna is also the oldest member of her pack.

Ragna is stoic and thoughtful, a leader who shows little emotion and a high propensity towards logical thinking. She is a skilled warrior, a master tactician, and very wise, earning her the respect of each of her packmates (including Kjell, despite the fact that he does not always see eye-to-eye with her). Although her nature and outward appearance are initially somewhat offputting, her diplomacy has managed to win over more than a few skeptical Humans.


  • Full name: Ragna Auvrea’ly
  • Stats: Female, Ulven (Half-Troll/Fox)
  • Hails From: The Northlands
  • Rank: Alpha/Commander

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