Ragna Auvrea’ly

Ragna in Ulven and Half-Troll form

Ragna is a female Ulven of the vulpid (fennec) variety. She is a half-troll, the rare offspring of troll and human parents, and alpha of the Blaidfästt pack. At over one-hundred years of age, Ragna is also the oldest member of her pack.

Ragna is stoic and thoughtful, a leader who shows little emotion and a high propensity towards logical thinking. She is a skilled warrior, a master tactician, and very wise, earning her the respect of each of her packmates (including Kjell, despite the fact that he does not always see eye-to-eye with her). Although her nature and outward appearance are initially somewhat offputting, her diplomacy has managed to win over more than a few skeptical Humans.


  • Full name: Ragna Auvrea’ly
  • Stats: Female, Ulven (Half-Troll/Fox)
  • Hails From: The Northlands
  • Rank: Alpha/Commander

Art Stuff:


Avalonia is the name given to a region within the New World map.


The Backlands is the name given to an island region within the Old World map. It is the second smallest region within the world of VARULV, after Lyria.

The Elberian Territories

The Elberian Territories is the collective name given to three regions that span both the Old World and New World maps. Together, these territories make up the largest region within the world of VARULV. The three regions are:

  • The West Elberian Territories
  • The East Elberian Territories
  • The Elberian Tundra


Ardeel is the name given to one of the regions within the Old World map. It is the third-smallest region (after Lyria and the Backlands) within the world of VARULV.


Lyria is the name given to a region within the Old World map. It is the smallest territory within the world of VARULV.


Cantyre is the name given to a collection of islands within the Old World map. They are the second northernmost territories (after the East Elberian Territories) within the world of VARULV.


Gondwana is the name given to two territories within the Old World map. Together they make up the second largest region (after the Elberian Territories) within the world of VARULV. The two territories are:

  • North Gondwana
  • South Gondwana