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Introducing “Varulv”: A Thrilling Saga of Vikings, Werewolves, and Intrigue

[2/27/2024] – Blaidfästt, a village plundered by marauders and bandits, is about to become the center stage for an epic tale unlike any other. In the face of relentless challenges including raiding Troll hordes, a devastating plague, and dark magic wielders, the virtuous Ulven — a pack of shapeshifters you and I might call werewolves, must not only protect their home but also earn the trust and approval of their human counterparts.

“Varulv,” the latest creation by acclaimed writer and artist Dawn Best (known for works like “Sonic the Hedgehog” and “Daemonology”), invites readers into a world where monsters are the good guys in a gripping fantasy narrative filled with action, suspense, and unexpected alliances.

The story introduces readers to a diverse and captivating cast of characters, including Ragna, the wise half-troll leader; Greta, the no-nonsense second-in-command; Stig, the were-bat with a penchant for spirits; Kit, the newly transformed recruit navigating his dual identity; and Kjell, the enigmatic lone-wolf torn between his Ulven nature and humanity.

“Varulv” is a reimagination of the best-selling 2013 series, promising readers an enthralling experience as they delve into the struggles, triumphs, and complexities of these monstrous but misunderstood heroes. With meticulous storytelling and stunning artwork, Dawn Best’s high-concept and often humorous tale weaves together elements of action, intrigue, transformation, and the universal quest for acceptance.

Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey as the premier issue of “Varulv” hits shelves Q1 2024. The comic will also be available in its entirety, at VARULVCOMIC.COM, with an incremental release schedule of three pages per week.

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